Audio Newscast: Venados Running Club Eyes Upcoming Marathon

By Dionta Hebron and Mecai Deaner

The Venados running club is a running group that competes in Marathons around the Chicago area.

The club was originally in 1981, it was re-established in 2009 by Enrique Rivera the current team captain. Rivera was asked how long was he involved with the
program, his response was: “I’ve been in the program my whole life, because I used to watch and cheer on my dad”.
The Marathons around Chicago are where the current Venados club participates, Rivera says that most of the club members participate if half Marathons.
When Rivera was asked about his goals in the program he respons: ” Watching my dad as a kid I grew up as an athlete, but never a runner”.
Enrique was asked about what did his club hoped to achieve this year, Rivera answers:” In an upcoming marathon I’ll be running my first marathon with my dad, he is a sixty-four year old man still running marathons”. Venados running club are hoping to compete in future 2012 marathons and more races to come.

Audio Newscast: St. Pius V Helps Pilsen Families Face the Recession

By Juilus Sanchez and Lakiyah McGahee

“Saint Pius V Parish Church has been having this food pantry for about twenty years,” says Julie Villegas. Saint Pius V church doesn’t only serve food pantries and soup kitchens. But they also have Clothing, Princess closet, Counseling, Marriage Enrichment, English as a second language, Legal assistance for immigration, Shelter for homeless men and Referrals. Another thing that this church does is offering a youth program to children who need help in school. For example Julie Villegas says “We help out students who need help on their homework and projects.” If to find out more or donate supplies visit

Audio Newscast: Pilsen Teacher Shares Thoughts on Budget Cuts

By Alicia Alvarez and Alfredo Haro

Chicago Public Schools are debating over the pay raise of the educators as stated by the Chicago Tribune.   Educators are demanding 30% pay raise while Chicago Public Schools can only afford the 2% pay raise, according to the Chicago Tribune. “With a 2 percent raise for teachers, there’s barely enough money to cover essential programs.” Chicago Tribune wrote on July 6, 2012. CPS is facing a $700 million deficit with the average teacher makes $71,000 per year. Chicago Public School officials are proposing on raising property taxes in order to get more money.  While the mayor of Chicago wants to extend the school day, the union argues that the pay raise will compensate the extra hours put in by the teachers. Parents are worried about the longer school day and how the budget cuts are going to affect the students learning environment, according to the Chicago Tribune.